I'm Kathy Haan, Media Mogul & Business Mentor

I have an MBA and am also a mother of three children, one of which has autism and sensory processing disorder. My husband, three children, and I live in Iowa when we’re not traveling the world in search of a great story. Did I mention that I also own an international media publishing company?

Over two decades of Publishing online Media

I've been doing this Since 1997

I started my first media brand when I was just in middle school. It was an online magazine, and it was even sponsored by Steve Madden. Since then, I’ve gone on to launch more than a dozen media brands centered around entrepreneurship, making money online, parenting, health, fitness, personal finance, and travel.

I’m a firm believer that online and print media should be written for the people, by the people—no corporatease here. This means our writing feels like it’s written by your best friend and spoken to you over brunch. 

I invite you to read our work with an open mind—and don’t worry about implementing every little thing you read. We’re about progress here—not perfection. 

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Idyllic Pursuit

Our oldest, still-alive blog. We teach you how to travel more often. You'll find off-the-beaten-path travels as well as can't-miss tourist locations. Our motto: the secret to telling a great story is living one.


Making things by hand is a skill that everyone can learn to enjoy. Here, you'll find crafts and DIY activities for all ages. I started this after trying to find a way to connect with my son with autism.


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For those who think Halloween decor is year-round decor, and it's appropriate to watch Hocus Pocus any time of the year. Plus all things spooky, witchy, and cottagecore. Yer a Wizard, Harry.

Speakeasy Homestead

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The Debt-Free Mommy

A personal finance blog meant specifically for moms. We discuss paying down debt, saving, investing, and credit cards.

Weekend to Launch

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The secret to telling a great story is living one.

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